Financial Review  
   Tax Efficiency   



We can analyse client's details of current financial facts situation and recommend tax efficient changes in various areas such as: -

For example tax reliefs claimable on:-

          • Medical receipts.
          • Taxation treatment with spouse/partner.
          • Pension investment.
          • Life assurance cover on pensions.
          • Income continuance by Permanent Health Insurance.
          • Mortgage interest.
          • Rental income relief.

We can advise clients how they can maximize savings and assets tax efficiently.

We can help clients to purchase property tax efficiently, be it a domicile house to live in, business premises, or investment property. As Independent Mortgage Brokers we can obtain the finance for purchase most cost efficiently. Indeed we can also advise and obtain maximum tax benefits for business people to purchase their own business premises by facilities such as pension or interest only mortgages.

We can plan for clients to build up funds for retirement by investments, pensions, or investing in property (by mortgages).

Ellison Financial specialise in transferring UK pensions to Ireland for clients who have relocated back to Ireland. Also, we are experts in obtaining remortgage finance to clear loans and generate extra finance (subject to the lenders terms & conditions apply). We make it easy for you, by handling all the administration and correspondence at our end, and hence we look after all the hard work. Contact us for more details.

See also TAXATION section.

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